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    Manuscript Handling and Processing Charge: The IJAMP is a self-supporting journal and does not receive funding from any institution/government. Hence, the management of the journals is solely financed by the handling and printing fees received from authors. The manuscript handling and publication fees are required to meet operations expenses such as e-Journal management, domain charge, web-hosting, printing cost, doi assignment for your articles, plagiarism checking (through, XML Conversion for PMC, application development and support etc. However, International Scientist Publications (ISP) does not collect subscription charges from readers. They can enjoy barrier less online availability to the articles. Also there is NO submission charges for ISP. Authors are required to pay a fair manuscript handling and printing fee for the processing of their articles. When an article is accepted, processed, reviewed and authorized for publication, further payment instructions are provided to corresponding author through e-mail. Charges must be paid within 10 days as per instructions given in the e-mail. Acceptance will be final after the payment of publication charge. For more details please visit.


    The publication fee (up to 6 printed page) for the authors are as follows:

    For Foreign Authors : 40.00 US dollar 

    For Bangladeshi Authors:  3000 BDT*

    * The publication fee shown here is excluding bank/transfer charge

     Payment Information

    Option 1. Cash payment can be made to Executive Editor (Dr. Rawnak Ara Noor-E-Ferdous).

    Option 2. Bank transfer.

    Publication charge can be paid to the following bank account:

    Account Name


     International Scientist Publications

    Account Number



    Bank Name


    Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited

    Bank Branch


    Dinajpur Branch

    Account Type



    Bank’s Swift Code



    Bank Address


    Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited, Dinajpur Branch, Bangladesh

    Option 3. Mobile Banking: You can transfer the article publication free to account below.


    Bank Name: bKash (mobile banking)

    Account: +880………..


    Bank Name: Dutch Bangla Bank (mobile banking)



    Option 4. If you want to make the payment through Western Union, Money Gram, International Money Express (IME), Xpress Money, Prabhu USA, TransFast, Merchantrade International Remittance System (MIRS) or any other means, please write e-mail to: or We will respond you with further instruction’s how can you pay the publication charge of article.


    Payment through cheque is not accepted.

    frequently asked questions

    When is the Article Processing Charges (APC) paid?

    Answer: The Article Processing Charges (APC) is paid when an Acceptance of the related paper reaches to the corresponding author.

    How much does International Scientist Publications charge for Article Processing?

    Answer: Charge standards are in accordance with the national income and vary from countries to counties. You can pay a visit to the website: https://

    How long does it take for an article from submission to publication?

    Answer: From submission to publication, it takes nearly one month: two weeks for article reviewing and acceptance, and another one or two weeks for article publication once the fee is paid.

    What are the requirements of an article submitted to International Scientist Publications?


    1. The articles you submit must accord with the field of journal you choose.
    2. International Scientist Publications has a policy of “Zero Tolerance on the Plagiarism”.

    What’s Open Access?

    Answer: Open access (OA) is the normal practice of providing unrestricted access via the internet to peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles. Open Access accelerates research and learning. By reducing the barriers that restrict access to knowledge, Open Access maximizes the opportunity for publications to be read and for authors to be recognized for their contribution in their chosen field and beyond.